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Labels are our specialty

We produce large and small quantities

PAPER LABELS – these labels are most common and have a broad range of usage in many industries.

We offer:
Thermal self-adhesive labels
Thermal-transfer self-adhesive labels

We offer a wide range of papers and adhesives which allows to adapt to all customer needs

PAPER LABELS – The material that is used allows to print them using every printing method. We offer 2 main kinds of paper labels : thermal and thermal transfer. The first one is printed by heating up the paper in particular place, the second one on the other hand request usage of thermal transfer ribbon.

We offer a wide range of papers and adhesives which makes it possible to adapt every customer’s needs
We offer two kinds of paper : matt and semi-gloss
Matt- it provides high contrast and makes it possible to read easily the print; it is very convenient especially when it comes to bar codes
Semi-gloss – provides more aesthetical look and is more resistant to rubbing